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The DoroTom Company in Houston, Texas, currently has four divisions. These divisions focus on creating, marketing, and publishing different forms of media. From publishing the written word to film production, we have our artists covered when it comes to the resources they will need in order to shine.

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One of the flourishing divisions in our company is the DoroTom Books division. Here, we showcase our authors' books. We work tirelessly within each division, and we encourage our author's growth within the industry.


By Michael Wayne Dickerson

In The Next Big Thing, Jacob Jones had the perfect plan for creating the premiere recording empire, but to do so, he would first have to find the next big thing. By fate, he meets a drug addict named Savanna George, whom he renames Nina.

Obsessively driven by success, the controlling and often cruel Jacob controls every aspect of Nina's life, including those who are allowed into it and even those who mysteriously disappear. Nina soon discovers that Jacob has a very dark side and that the success that she once desired has taken total control over her life, forcing her to belong to her millions of fans and without question, to Jacob. To maintain control over Nina and his vast empire, he uses lies, manipulation, threats and even murder until it all comes crashing down around him in a climax that will leave you speechless.


By Michael Wayne Dickerson

The Money - The Power - The Women

Leanna Layy- She used sex to enter into the glamorous life and with a body all men craved she used it to survive, but she knew that in order for her to get where the really big money was in the world, she would have to use much more than her body. She would need the perfect plan.

Trent Cole- A handsome parking valet had just the right plan to get into the Billion dollar pornographic movie industry, but what Trent lacked was confidence. But soon Trent would watch fate walk into his life wearing the tightest dress he had ever seen.

Robert Blaze- The biggest name in pornography. Known as the King of the skin game, he controlled it with an iron fist and the use of his power and money caused him to be lethal, using both women, as well as men to do whatever he desired and he was willing to destroy anyone who dared to challenge his right to remain on the throne of power.

Steven Starr- The number one Radio Talk show host in the Country made millions insulting and degrading the millions of women who were his loyal fans. Then suddenly someone begins murdering the women written down in his "little black book" leaving the police baffled and hundreds of women living in fear that the so-called "Black Book Killer" would come after them next.