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To highlight the growth and development of today's At-Risk Youth by providing them with the necessary tools and skills to improve their overall developmental skills in order to affect change, via goal setting, visionary applications and development of Self-esteem and Self-respect directed towards the ultimate goal of turning lives around through Music.

Michael DickersonMichael Wayne Dickerson


Michael Wayne Dickerson, a published author was born and raised in Houston Texas. Mr. Dickerson, has recognized the need and necessity to create a different approach to address the issue surrounding the At-risk Youths in our Community and in our Country.
Michael, has long aspired to use his love for music and entertainment as a tool to address the social needs of those youths who are on the verge of becoming lost without hope or desire for a brighter tomorrow and/or being swallowed up into the Judicial System.
Michael, with over Twenty-Five years in the entertainment business, has without any assistance from sponsors, or investors, with his own funds built an impressive Music Recording Facility which will serve as the regional hub to achieve the overall objectives of this very innovative program.
Mr. Dickerson, believes that if today's youths are exposed to the love and appreciation of Music and Entertainment, that love will become the catalyst which will promote "Effective" change in the lives of those youths who stand on the cusps of leading positive and productive lives.
Mr. Dickerson, as a business owner truly desires to give more back to society, as well as to the community as he focuses on creating a much better tomorrow for our youths today, which must be the focus and ultimate goal of each and every one of us.