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The Dorotom Company presents
“The Dream”© Talent Search

Do you dream of pursuing a career in the music industry? Well it’s your time to finally “The Dream!”© The DoroTom Company in association with DoroTom Music is conducting a citywide Talent Search Competition. We recognize that the talented individuals throughout our City, State and Nation have little opportunities to showcase their talents, we believe our community deserves a place where music is celebrated, hidden talents are uncovered, and DREAMS are made reality.  Such wonderful talent should be shared! Once you are qualified, you will participate in The Dorotom Company’s production of “The Dream"© where some of the very best in undiscovered talent will compete for the opportunity to win an exclusive Recording contract with DoroTom Music in Houston, Texas. So, if you’re ready to live your dream of singing, dancing, rapping, playing an instrument or if you’re a Music Producer, register for your chance to compete in what will be a grand launching pad for some of the very best unknown talent in the South. Remember, "When all others say no, We say YES to your dreams! 

Live Your Dream Thursdays

1. All participants must be 16 years of age or older
2. Participants MUST NOT be under ANY contractual obligations to ANY Entertainment/Management/Recording entities/companies
3. Auditions are open to both Individuals or Groups, however, groups may not exceed (5) Five members
4. Participants may register online or at one of our scheduled audition registration location(s). Check our website for locations, dates, and times
5. Participants may register at as many location/events as desired, however, once a participant has qualified for the final audition, that participant MAY NOT enter another qualifying event
6. Participants ARE NOT allowed to leave the stage or stage area(s) during their audition, this includes singing or performing within the audience
7. Participants may sing the same song as another participant(s)
8. No excessively graphic/bawdy material or profanity. Songs containing vulgar or explicit sexual lyrics WILL NOT be allowed. Participants who, during their audition use vulgar lyrics or perform in an obscene manner WILL be disqualified from participation
9. Participants will be scored using a 50 point system....1-10 points each for
• Vocal ability (Rhythm/Pitch/Phrasing)
• Showmanship (Attitude/Performance/Intensity)
• Stage Presence Movement/Confidence/Command
• Technical (Range/Complexity of song arrangement
• Appearance (Costume/Attire)
10. Participants who DO NOT present themselves when they are called to audition may be disqualified
11. Decisions of the Judges are final. No arguing with Judges is allowed. Any participant their family or associates who argue with a Judge will be considered to be using offensive behavior and WILL be disqualified from the audition
12. Clubs/Venues may at their own discretion charge a cover charge to any NON-PARTICIPANT attending the event. This fee may not exceed $10.00

Club Summers

Vote for Your Favorite Dream Chaser©

Week two contestant Tanasia won the crowd over with her rendition of Natalie Cole's "Inseparable" If you like what you hear vote for her to advance to the next round on our Instagram page @Dorotomentertaintment Like and comment "Dream" under the contestants video!

Week two contestant Shannon sung an original song called "I want to be free" and had the crowd grooving along with her. If you like what you hear vote for her to advance to the next round on our Instagram page @Dorotomentertaintment Like and comment "Dream" under the contestants video!

The contestant that will be advancing to the next round is Tanasia! Her energy and soulful voice was undeniable! Follow our IG @dorotomentertainment and Twitter @TheDorotomEnt to keep up to date with the company and competition...we follow back!

It’s an Incredible time to live “The Dream!”©

The Dorotom Company and Dorotom Music in association with Club Summers are proud to present “The Dream© Thursdays" talent showcase!
Round One: Qualifying Round
Round Two: Competition Round
Round Three: Semifinals
Round Four: Finals
Qualifying rounds continue on April 27th 2017 @ 8pm at Club Summers, Houston's first and only live entertainment talent showcase club, located at 9940 Fondren Rd @ South Braeswood, Houston, TX 77096. For more information call The DoroTom Company at (832) 699-1595 or Club Summers at (713) 637-4311.



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