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entertainment industry houston, tx

Susan Sullivan- Dallas,Texas

I was almost about to give up on my dreams of getting into the Entertainment business, but a friend told me about this company called The DoroTom Company in Houston. I contacted them and the people there were so helpful, guiding me through the recording process, they also restored my confidence all while providing me with the knowledge and experience necessary for developing a career in the Entertainment Industry.
In my opinion it's the perfect company for those like myself who are just starting out in this crazy business called show business.

entertainment houston, tx

Tony Prejean-Houston, Texas

Houston is my hometown and I had searched almost everywhere for someplace where I could rehearse with my group without having to spend a small fortune. So I was overjoyed when I found out that there is an Entertainment Company right here who could help me with this at very affordable costs. The DoroTom Company offers a full scale rehearsal facility and in the process I discovered that they are also organized to help my group with our recording and production needs, still at very affordable rates. It was also through their Artist Development Division along with their dedicated staff of professional songwriters, engineers and producers, that we were able to complete our very first album project. Since then I have recommended The DoroTom Company to many others and they too have found a home to launch their careers.

entertainment industry houston, tx

Emy Garcia-San Antonio,Texas

I honestly cannot count the many times that I've been rejected and turned down by various record labels and producers. It was becoming very disheartening to hear that some thought I didn't have the talent necessary for a recording career. All of these so-called professionals did nothing except try to kill and destroy my dreams. But when I found The DoroTom Company in Houston, I quickly discovered that they recognized the talent I've always had and signed me to a recording contract on the spot. I had finally found a musical home filled with other artists who like myself, had talent, but only needed a company like The DoroTom Company to have faith in us. They made me feel wanted, but more importantly they were straight up with me, quickly developing me into a professional entertainer. So forget all those other companies and record labels , I've finally found a company who's motto they truly stand by when they say...."When all others say no...We say Yes to your dreams.